Health and fitness from the ground up, the Prehab Studio offers a full range of the highest quality therapy for you and your body.

Multidisciplinary practitioners, featuring a former pro-skier and pro-ballet dancers, we strive to provide the most progressive and protective treatments and techniques. 

The concept of the Prehab Studio is built on the idea of preventative treatments and ‘doing the work’ to prevent injuries and laying the foundations of health and fitness.

We know we can’t always prevent injuries but we can do our best to minimise the chance of getting injured.


Currently selected to treat the USA Winter Paralympic team, we are thoroughly experienced and trained in western physiotherapeutic methods covering muscular, skeletal and nerve issues from osteopathy, dry needling, massage therapy, fascia techniques, Redcord/Neurac and all in between. 

We also offer highly personal (max 7 people) hands-on classes to build strength and mobility: core circuits to Yang-Yin Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates, Post Natal Pilates to Personal Training and a growing range of alternatives. 

Injury, recovery, healing, wellbeing, training or just a quick check up. 

You only get one body.

Team Prehab x



BSc Physiotherapy (2010, Hogeschool van Amsterdam)

Born in northern Italy, I came to Amsterdam in 2007 to start my education to become a physiotherapist. 

During my education at the "European school of physiotherapy" I got the chance to combine my studies with travelling. 

I chose to do some of my internships abroad. After an internship in Austria and Amsterdam, I travelled all the way to Beijing, China do do my last internship at the "3rd University Hospital Beijing". 

After graduating, I started working in a private clinic in Amsterdam.
In 2012 I opened my own clinic in Amsterdam, the clinic grew and eventually had 4 locations in the city. 
In 2017 I moved to Innsbruck, Austria to open a 5th branch of the clinic. 

I stayed two years in Austria, where at the beginning of 2019 I started "The physio pop up". My first pop up project was in Lech am Arlberg (A). 

After a winter full of snow and happy clients, I was missing "the Dam" and decided to move back to Amsterdam. 

In Amsterdam I found the right partners and clients to continue my "pop up mission". In November 2019 I got the chance to settle down in a beautiful space in Oud West, where I slowly transformed my "pop up" project into the current "Prehab Studio".

Next to "The Prehab Studio" I am currently working as physiotherapist for the Paralympic Alpine ski- and Snowboard team of the United States. 
I am supporting them during their training camps and competitions. 

It is a very big honour and I am full of excitement to work with these incredible athletes. 

Grateful to combine my "pop up project" with the work for the ski team I am happy to see you soon and help you on your health journey! 



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