Frequently asked questions

Will my treatments be covered by Dutch health care insurance companies?

YES! In 2020 we are contracted with all Dutch health insurance companies except "Zorg en Zekerheid" and "Aevitae". That means, once we have registered you as a client, we can connect your insurance package to our system and can claim the treatments for you. That way, the insurance company pays us directly, without you having to do anything.
If you are insured with "Zorg en Zekerheid" or "Aevitae", we will send you an invoice, you pay us the invoice and claim it back from the insurance company. You will get up to 75% reimbursed from them.
From 2021 onwards, we have not signed contracts with insurance companies anymore. YOU WILL STILL GET REIMBURSED FOR YOUR TREATMENTS.
The amount depends on your insurance package. Please contact us, if you have questions about this matter.

I won't be able to come see you during your opening times. Are there any other options?

Of course! Please contact me and we will find a time that suits us both!

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations are only accepted, if cancelled min. 24 hours prior to your appointment (via phone, E-mail or WhatsApp).
If this policy is not respected, you will be charged 25 Euros.

I am an Expat, I am still registered abroad and have therefore no Dutch health care insurance. Can I still come and be treated by you?

Definitely! After the treatment we will send you an invoice. The invoice is written according to international standards, so that it will be accepted by all international insurances. You can claim the amount from your insurance company abroad.

Is Personal training or group classes covered by the Dutch health care insurances?

No. We will invoice you for personal training.
The payment will be done upfront for 10 sessions.
The same is valid for the groupclasses. You can choose an upfront payment for 5 or 10 sessions. Another payment option for the groupclasses is a "Classpass" membership.

Is Osteopathy covered by the Dutch health care insurances?

Osteopatic consultations are (partially) covered by the Dutch health care insurances. The coverage depends on your individual insurance package. For more information about your Osteopathy coverage contact your insurance company.

Is your nutrition coach covered by the Dutch health care insurances?

No. At the moment our nutrition coach is not covered.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

In the Netherlands, you don't need a referral from the gp to see a physiotherapist.
The physiotherapists are trained to do an initial screening and assessment. Depending on the outcome of the screening and assessment, the physiotherapist will decide if physiotherapy is indicated or not.
If you have already seen your doctor and you have a referral, please bring it with you to your first consultation.
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