Personal training package

This package is for you if you want to improve your overall fitness and become an even better version of yourself. You will work together with our experts to achieve your goals.

What we offer

We offer different sorts of training sessions, either Pilates (mat or reformer), Fitness, Running or Cycling. Depending on your needs and goals we will work on posture, strength, conditioning, flexibility, sport-specific and performance improvement. As your needs might differ from somebody else's we will offer custom made movement session for every individual.

What we work on:

This package is completely tailor made for your needs. During an intake we will talk about what you want to achieve and what is necessary in order to do so.

Package structure

10 training sessions with one of our experts

3 sessions with our massage therapist

+ Additional training schedule


€ 930*

*With this package you save up to € 230 compared to our regular prices.

training pakket.jpg