Pregnancy & Postpartum package

This pregnancy and postpartum package is for all mothers, who want to feel strong, energised and balanced during and after pregnancy. Therefore you will work together with different health professionals who can help you move and recover safely. 

What we offer

We offer different sorts of training sessions, either Pilates (mat or reformer) or Fitness. As your needs might differ from somebody else's we will offer custom made movement sessions for every individual. Everyone of our experts will include the following point in your sessions.


To give you the relaxation and peaceful moments you deserve, we added massage sessions to the package. These massages can be taken during pregnancy and after giving birth. Our female pregnancy physiotherapist will take good care of you and is happy to deliver a tailor made experience. 


What we work on

During the movement sessions we will work on posture, breath work, possible stiffness and/or pain relief. We will prepare your body for birth or reintroduce you to sports and other movements. 

Package structure

1 intake with our pregnancy physiotherapist Tamara

10 movement sessions with our specialised trainers

3 massage sessions with our pregnancy physiotherapist Tamara


€ 850*

* With this package you save up to € 200 compared to our regular prices.

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