Whether your goal is to create a strong and robust body (and mind), to train for a competition or improve your general wellbeing (weight loss or fitness), we are here to support and help you to reach your goals.

When booking personal training, our certified personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches will do an intake with you.

Based on the intake and your wishes, they will make a tailored exercise program for you.

When signing up for personal training, we plan 10 pt sessions with you.

Depending on your schedule and wishes, we will plan one or multiple weekly training sessions.

Would you rather train by yourself or at home, but do you need guidance with your program? 
We also offer smaller pt packages, containing an intake session, a training session, programming for your home workout and an evaluation session. 

For questions, do not hesitate to contact us! 


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, at the moment we do not offer groupclasses. Are you interested in Yoga, Pilates or a full-body-workout?

Let us know, we are happy to train with you 1:1. 



We offer group lessons, such as Yoga, Pilates, Circuit, Bootcamp and pregnancy lessons (Yoga and Pilates).

Click here for the schedule. We sell a 10-ride ticket for the lessons, which is valid for 6 months and for all lessons. We are also affiliated with classpass.

Classes are taught by physiotherapists, sports scientists or highly trained Yoga teachers.

Because of the small groups (max. 7 persons), we can offer a lot of personal attention and the highest quality and you can even combine the lessons with your rehabilitation or physiotherapy program.

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