Our studio

Health and fitness from the ground up, the Prehab Studio offers a full range of the highest quality therapy for you and your body.

Multidisciplinary practitioners, featuring a former pro-skier and pro-ballet dancers, we strive to provide the most progressive and protective treatments and techniques.

The concept of the Prehab Studio is built on the idea of preventative treatments and ‘doing the work’ to prevent injuries and laying the foundations of health and fitness.

We know we can’t always prevent injuries but we can do our best to minimise the chance of getting injured.

We also offer highly personal (max 7 people) hands-on classes to build strength and mobility: core circuits to Yang-Yin Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates, Post Natal Pilates to Personal Training and a growing range of alternatives. 


Injury, recovery, healing, wellbeing, training or just a quick check up. 


You only get one body.


Team Prehab x