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Health and fitness from the ground up, the Prehab Studio offers a full range of the highest quality therapy for you and your body.

We offer our services in our studio in Amsterdam as well as online.

We believe in custom tailored health care, where injury prevention plays a very important role.
The past couple of years have shown us how important our health is. It is never too late to make the first step and get a professional on board that helps you to transform you to become a strong, robust and healthy individual.

No matter if you are based in Amsterdam or live somewhere else, have a busy life or travel most of the time, we are here to guide you through your health journey.

We are here to help you. You take care of your life, we take care of your health!

Join the Prehab-family and become a new, healthier version of yourself. Online or in our studio.

Make your appointment now - you only get one body. 


Martina & John Beech, owners The Prehab Studio

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