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Re-energise package

When stress takes it's toll on your body, this package will help you to re-energise and re-connect with your body. The combination of exercise, breathing techniques and body treatments will strengthen your body and make it more resilient.

Do you recognize the feeling of being constantly exhausted, feeling weak and not having the energy to move your body? The daily challenges and overflow of information can be a lot to take. Our body can only handle a certain amount of stress before it becomes too much.
Knowing, that we cannot eliminate all stress factors, we created this package to help you regain strength, shield yourself from stress and improve your quality of life.


Package structure

A multidisciplinary approach by our experts Camilla, Robyn and our external experts includes gentle Pilates exercises, breathing sessions, and relaxing massages. The combination of these treatments and training will help you to get back on track. 


The combination of these methods has been proven to help your body building resilience, strength, and energy. 

The Package includes the following services:

5x reformer Pilates

2x Breathing session 

2x Manual lymphatic drainage massage 

1x Stress release massage 

770,00 Euro


You can customise your package by adding the following services:

1x Physiotherapy intake - 48 Euro

1x Nutrition intake and follow up consultation - 180 Euro

1x additional stress release massage - 50 Euro


If you have questions or comments about this package, please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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