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Our Team: Our Team

Meet the team

Passionate. Experienced. Professional.

At The Prehab Studio, our team consists of individual freelancers. We join forces by combining each of their individual experience and expertise. Together we created treatment protocols that are updated regularly according to the latest professional standards and research.
Therefore we are able to offer a holistic and professional approach, tailored to your individual needs.



BSc Physiotherapy

Dry needling

MSK Ultrasound

ACL cruciate ligament, Achilles- and ankle rehab

running rehab

Kinesio taping

NCA CPT personal training


Sunny is a rehab professional with extensive experience treating athletes at both the professional and amateur levels. His focus is on knee and cruciate ligament injuries, but he treats complaints on other parts of the body just as well. In the past, Sunny was a martial arts athlete herself. Having suffered many injuries himself in his career, he's quite the expert when it comes to knowing how frustrating injuries can be.

+31 6 17 33 19 91


BSc Physiotherapy
Osteopathy (class of 2026)

Dry Needling

Medical taping,


Dorn Breuss therapy (back pain)

Atlas/neck therapy (neck pain)

Pelvic Floor / Pre-Postnatal

Vertigo & Tinnitus

After her physiotherapy education in Germany, Camilla added a second international physiotherapy degree to her resume.
Camilla has extensive experience with migraines, headaches, whiplash injuries, and neck- and back-pain. She also specialised in tinnitus complaints and is part of our pre- & postnatal care team.

+31 6 27 97 43 71

IMG_7615 2.jpg


BSc Physiotherapy
BSc Medical physiology
BSc Genetics, physiology and psychology
Pilates teacher APPI
Reformer Pilates training
(in house training from Linda Lane, Pilates Lane California)​

Robyn, originally from South Africa, has extensive knowledge about lower back pain and posture. She specialises in Pilates from a physiotherapeutic standpoint. Pilates has been a transformative part of her life and she is passionate about helping others experience the physical and mental benefits it offers. She also acknowledges the challenges posed by  the modern world and uses movement to promote positive mental health.

+31 6 39 81 48 36



BSc Physiotherapy
Sports physiotherapy 

Shoulder- and elbow specialist
Acute soft tissue injuries 
MSU muskuloskeletal ultrasound

Emile has a lot of experience with shoulder and elbow related injuries. He has extensive experience in this field due to working with athletes (amateur and professional/national level) in overhead sports such as baseball, softball, tennis and rugby. Emile is also experienced in working with contact sports such as rugby, football, boxing and kickboxing and can help you to recover from acute soft tissue injuries to get back to your favorite sports and activities




BSc Physiotherapy 

Dry Needling

Fascia therapist 
Chiropractic and osteopathic manipulations

Cardiac rehabilitation

Running coach 

Athletics coach

Bas used to be a professional runner and track and field athlete.
He has lots of experience with running related injuries, foot problems and other sports injuries. Bas is also working with Athletics club "Phanos Amsterdam" as well as cycling club "Cycle capital" and "Kaptein cycling club".

+31 6 48 43 90 06



Licensed Osteopath

BSc Osteopathy

Vincent always wanted a career where he could make

a difference in people's lives.

As an osteopath he can live his passion

and treat a wide spectrum of complaints.

From babies to adults,

from neurological complaints to visceral complaints.

Vincent worked as a physiotherapist before his osteopathy study. As a result, he finds the collaboration with the rest of the team easy but also important.




BSc sports science

Personal trainer

Pilates mat and Reformer instructor

3rd movement specialist​


Adam, father of two, loves the outdoors and gives his training in our studio, in the park or at your house. 

He has a wide range of experience as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. Adam has worked in the past in renowned Pilates studios in London.




BSc Sports Science

GDip Human Nutrition

MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology

With telehealth becoming the new normal, Andrew joined the team during the summer 2021. He is based in Cairns, Australia and does the nutrition consultations online. Andrew is an expert in evidence based nutrition advice (wieght loss, performance improvement, intermittent fasting, low- and high carb strategies).

All of his advice is based on safe and effective sports- and nutritional science principles and can therefore guarantee optimal and satisfying results.



BSc Physiotherapy
Edema therapy (Oedeemtherapeut)

Occupational physiotherapy (Arbeidsfysiotherapeut)

Sports physiotherapy
Rehabilitation of Sports injuries
Dry Needling
MSU Muskuloskeletal Ultrasound

Redcord – Neurac l and ll

High performance Expert for NOC*NSF Dutch Olympic and Paralympic Comittee


Together with John, Martina set up The Prehab Studio in 20219.
Next to her work in the studio, she is also working as a physio for the US Ski team as well as the American Paralympic Snowboard team and the Dutch Paralympic ski team. 




BSc Sports science
MSc Strength and Conditioning
Weightlifting Dutch Strength
FMS screening 
Rehabilitation and training after Sports injuries

Personal training and Strength training for pregnant women

John is a Strength and Conditioning coach that has many years of experience of working with elite athletes, retired athletes, and other individuals and teams, helping them to maximise their performance. 

In 2019, John set up The Prehab Studio together with Martina. Joining forces and knowledge, they are running the studio. John is responsible for the quality management of all training services in the studio.




Administration and finance

Kim is our admin-angel and will make sure, that all the administrative questions you might have, will be answered asap. 

Do you have questions about an invoice or a declaration? Feel free to reach out to her. 

Next to helping us at the studio, Kim is a licensed online coach and counsellor for traumatic and stress related experiences. 


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