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The weeks after giving birth are lifechanging. Your body went through major changes and is finding its way back to a new normal. The postpartum period can be very challenging and new. This package will help to gently work on your body to be strong and function as optimal as possible during your new life as a mom.

Do you struggle with a routine in your new chapter as a mom?  We can help you through this difficult period by combining the knowledge of our experts. This holistic approach will help you to gently get back on track, regain strength and energy.
In this package we combine exercise, physiotherapy, massages, and sleep coaching for your baby (remember, a sleeping baby means you have time to take care of yourself or sleep next to your baby). 

The combinations of these methods are proven to be successful to reach a new and healthy lifestyle where you can take the best possible care of yourself and your body.  


Camilla, Adam, Robyn and our external experts will join forces in order to guide you through this so called fourth trimester for you to experience it the best way possible. 


Almost all our experts have children themselves, so not only do they coach you through their field of expertise but can also coach you as moms that have gone through this process themselves.
In case of physical complaints or discomfort that goes beyond our expertise, we will refer you to a trusted pelvic floor physiotherapist


The package includes the following services:

5x Postnatal reformer Pilates 
1x Physiotherapy intake

1x Physiotherapy session (posture education for feeding, etc) 
3x Massage (lymph-, relax massage)
= 721,70 Euro

You can customise your package by adding the following services:

1x Nutrition intake plus follow up consultation - 180 Euro
Surcharge for optional home-visit for massages (per treatment) - 35 Euro 

1x additional physiotherapy session - 43 Euro 
Newborn sleep introduction consultation - 75 Euro


If you have questions or comments about this package, please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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