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Pregnancy package

Throughout a pregnancy, the female body undergoes many changes. These changes can be experienced as very pleasant, but most of times overwhelming. This package will guide and help you to prepare the best you can for this upcoming, new chapter in your life. Combining exercise with pregnancy massages and a Hypnobirthing course, will make you feel as ready as you can be for the upcoming birth of your child.


Are you looking for a tailor-made guidance through your pregnancy where fitness, relaxation and birth preparation is included? This package will give you all the benefits you are looking for.
A multidisciplinary and holistic approach will cover all aspects of your pregnancy in order to make you the best possible prepared for the day you have to give birth. 

Most of our experts have children themselves, so not only do they coach you through their field of expertise but can also coach you as moms that have gone through this process themselves. 


Camilla, Adam and our external experts join their forces to help you making this pregnancy a time in your life you will only look back positively. 

In case of physical complaints or discomfort that goes beyond our expertise, we will refer you to a trusted pelvic floor physiotherapist

The package includes the following services:

5x Prenatal reformer Pilates 
1x Physio intake & treatment
2x Pregnancy massage 
1x Relax massage
= 721,70 Euro 


You can customize your package by adding the following services:

1x Newborn sleep introduction consultation - 75 Euro
3x Doula birth preparation sessions or Hypnobirthing - 180 Euro
Surcharge for optional home-visit for massages (per treatment) -
35 Euro

1x Nutrition intake and follow up consultation - 180 Euro

If you have questions or comments about this package, please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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