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Are you a runner or would you like to become a runner? This package is for you if you are ready to set new goals, either for training or for competitions. Running has a lot of aspects that need to be taken care of. Having the guidance of an expert is crucial to stay injury free and to excel at your running. Being successful at running means, various factors such as strength, endurance, technique, and injury prevention need to be taken care of. 


Our Expert Bas, a passionate runner and former track-and-field athlete, has all the tools and tricks to coach you. In this package he will assess your body during a physiotherapy intake and perform a VO2max test on you. These two assessment tools will be the baseline of your success. From there, he will introduce you to functional training and will write an individual running schedule for you. 

After 6 weeks, you will evaluate your progress with Bas. 


The method of this package has been proven very successful in the past and has produced various personal records. Join Bas and see the results for yourself!

The package includes the following services:

1x Physiotherapy intake, movement and posture analysis  

1x VO2max endurance test 

3x Functional movement exercise sessions 

1x Running training schedule for 6 weeks  

1x Follow up session physiotherapy 

= 536 Euro (ex VAT)


You can customise your package by adding the following services:

1x Nutrition intake plus follow up consultation - 180 Euro 

1x Video analysis and exercise program for home - 75 Euro 

1x 1:1 outdoor training and bike assessment - 75 Euro 

1x Additional 6-week training schedule - 50 Euro 

1x Physiotherapy session - 33 Euro 


If you have questions or comments about this package, please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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