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Your HEALTH is important - especially when you are busy or travel for work!

Build a STRONG AND HEALTHY physical foundation in order to perform on the highest level while juggling a busy lifestile or on work trips. 

Do you struggle with any of the following…

  • Being continuously tired when being on the road?  

  • Not being able to keep up your healthy routines while traveling? 

  • Lack of sleep and unhealthy sleep routines?

  • Your eating habits due to too many events and an irregular schedule??

  • Drinking too much alcohol due to the expected social interactions with colleagues?

  • Making time for a workout or outdoor activity?

  • Scheduling selfcare time on the road?


Whether you are…

  • A corporate star with a packed work schedule that wants to work out more often

  • A social butterfly that wants to eat out but not fall into bad eating habits and gain weight 

  • A clever brain that doesn't want to compromise their mental health

  • A busy mom that doesn’t want to start from scratch after every trip

  • A people pleaser  that wants to live a healthy lifestyle on the road but puts everyone else first

This program is designed to help you become…

  • Fitter and healthier while traveling for work 

  • Saying goodbye to nasty jetlags

  • More energized after a work trip and ready to spend time with your loved ones when you are back home 

  • More aware of how easy it is to build and stick to healthy habits, even on the road

  • The master of your own healthy lifestyle on and off the road, being able to make habits last  

  • A new, better version of yourself, by learning how to juggle a busy schedule, work dinners and time for yourself where you can practice self care

By locking in on those outcomes, you become the star of your own transformation by…

  • Having more productive and efficient workdays on the road, which means you will have more time to take care of yourself

  • Creating a  strong body and mind. Regular exercise paired with a healthy work schedule as well as a healthy nutrition regime is proven to make you excel towards your personal and professional goals. 

  • Traveling for work without coming home being punished with guilt of not having kept your exercise and food game up to your normal standards.

  • Executing all your healthy planning without being affected by the travel, the hotel or the schedule during your trip. 

I get it - finding a routine that
WORKS can be hard!

That is why I designed this program to meet you where you are at and shift you towards a guilt-free, healthy and successful business traveler.

Here’s what you do next:

1. Write down your top 3 travel-pitfalls. 

2. Schedule a call with me and explain to me why these pitfalls keep happening.

3. Together we will talk through potential solutions so that you can solve this problem once and for all.

Oh - and get ready to say hello to your new lifestyle!
It is closer than you think it is!

Why I care

As a physiotherapist traveling with athletes, I am on the road a lot. I was in the position countless times of coming home from a business trip, feeling tired, feeling guilty of not having executed my workout routine, having gained weight etc. 


Until I realized that this has to stop - I was not wanting to accept work trips anymore for these reasons. This made me very sad, as I love to travel, even for work.

It was humbling, terrifying, and gave me a deeply profound lesson that healthy habits on the road are almost more important than healthy habits at home. 

I was sick and tired of having to pick up and start my health journey from scratch every single time. 

Over the last years, I got to work creating a program where I combined my own expertise as a physical therapist, with exercise programs, nutrition advice, sleep and recovery hacks; enabling me to experience a completely different and new travel experience. 

My jetlag was less, my energy went up, I did not gain weight and I was ready to pick up life where I left it before the trip. 

This experience was life changing for me! 


Now, it’s my honor to help other travelers do the same through my program and become the strong and high performing person they deserve to be - especially on the road!!

x Martina

Happy cliënts


Due to my work I am constantly traveling. 

Juggling the organisation of the travel, planning meetings and managing my family took its toll on my health.

After I have seen Martina in Amsterdam for physio sessions, she offered to set up a program for me, so she could coach me remotely. This has helped me so much, as I could reach out to her whenever I struggled to find my routine. She helped me to get back on track with my fitness routine and to help me find different ways to practise efficient self care routines. 

Thanks to her support I feel more energised during my travels and I find it very easy to stick to my healthy habits.

But the best thing is: when I come home I have energy  left to play with my kids

Katya - PR manager

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